Immigration Law

For Immigrants by Immigrants!

M&M Roberts has a fully-fledged department dedicated to the practice of immigration law. As a team of immigrants, we have walked the immigrant’s journey. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition of immigrants to the US.

Relative Petitions

Your spouse, parent or child(above 21 years) is a US citizen or a green card holder. You have a Visa and are worried about the next steps for you. Talk to us today and we will help you get the right immigration solution for you. 

Deportation/Removal Defense

Are you getting deported from the US? Relax! You have rights! We will fight for your rights. Engage us and we will handle your case competently. 

Immigration Services

Green Cards(Relatives)

Immediate relatives of US citizens can apply for a green card without having to deal with waiting time. Immediate relatives are spouses, children and parents of US citizens. We prepare, lodge and follow up relative petitions including the work authorization and the advance parole application. 


Green Cards(Employment)

An immigrant may get a green card through employment. The green card petition is made by the employer. There are three main categories of employment based petitions for permanent residency(EB1 EB2 & EB3). We help immigrants and employers make applications for employment based green cards including the permanent labor certification. 

Work Visas

Many immigrants cherish the opportunity to work in the US and make $$$. We help immigrants apply for work visas. The main work visa is a H1B Visa valid for three years and is renewable for another three years. The other common work Visas are: L1 Visa for intracompany transferees religious worker Visas, treaty trader  and athletes/artists/entertainers. 


Are you being deported from the US? Have you received a notice to appear? Contact us immediately. You may be eligible for relief from removal or cancellation of removal depending on your factual circumstances. We can also help you apply for bond to secure your freedom!


We help green card  holders with applications for naturalization. Certain citizens may opt to renounce the US citizenship for various reasons. We help such citizens with their renouncation applications. 


The US law recognizes asylum as a right where an  applicant can establish that he or she fears persecution in their home country.  the applicant must prove that he or she would be persecuted on account of one of five protected grounds: race, religion, nationality, political opinion and social group. Contact us if you would like to apply for asylum.