Business Law Services

Business Set Up

Are you setting up a business? Do you want to set up a Nonprofit corporation or a 501(c)(3) entity? Then, relax! We've got you covered.   We assist investors with the incorporation or registration of LLCs, corporations, foreign companies, SACCOs, NGOs, societies, business names, trusts, limited liability partnerships, special purpose vehicles, joint ventures and other forms of conducting business in the US.  Together with our affiliate, Africa Legal Consulting, we also assist entrepreneurs, set up companies in Africa.  

Tax Transaction Advisory Services

 It is the objective of investors and businessmen to invest and conduct business based on an appropriately aligned business structure which will reduce the overall tax cost while at the same time mitigate any tax risks and exposures.  We assist investors choose tax efficient legal investment vehicles and optimal business structures. We advise on optimal holding company locations & structures. We advise on tax efficient business strategies including interest stripping/thin cap, sub F, effectively connected income and other tax concepts. 

Oil & Gas Law

As both the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry continues to grow and develop, it is important for oil & gas explorers and investors to understand the business and legal risks associated with the exploration activity.   We assist oil & gas companies with the review of production sharing contracts, drafting and reviewing of farm-in/farm-out agreements, joint operating agreements, power purchase agreements, seismic agreements, well service agreements, lease agreements, royalty agreements, well drilling agreements, pipeline management agreements, pipeline construction agreements sales, marketing, storage, processing and oil transportation agreements.       

Shareholder & Dividend Services

We provide shareholder & dividend services including drafting shareholder agreements, carrying out share valuation, transfer & allotment of shares, issuing share certificates, preparing legal documents & resolutions in respect of share capital increases and formulating a corporate dividend policy.    

International Tax & Transfer Pricing

 We assist companies develop transfer pricing policies and transfer pricing documentation. We carry out tax-intellectual property planning, tax planning & transaction advisory Services. Our services include off-shore financial planning, profit extraction and repatriation, investor tax advisory, due diligence reviews, business exit strategies and double taxation mitigation including consideration of foreign tax credits, treaty shopping & tax deductibility.     

Debt Collection

  Companies and individuals continue to experience high trends in debt collection costs. The rising costs of debt recovery collection demands a change of tactics and business debt recovery solutions. M&M Roberts has a debt collection unit which has devised innovative collection processes. We obtain factual information about the debtor’s ability to pay and payment trends from the credit rating agencies in the US. We then arrange a payment plan with the debtor. If need be, we can report the default to the credit rating agencies or institute a legal action against the debtor if our client so approves.